For Maximizing the Value of Your Equipment

When equipment such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones have completed their useful lifespan, companies need to maximize their value and extend their functionality. For this reason, PROAMBI offers ASSET RECOVERY SERVICES (ARS). We help our clients from the beginning, with the purchase or restoration of equipment so that before it loses market value and becomes electronic waste or scrap, its lifespan can be extended and its probability of resale in the used equipment market can be increased. In the event that the equipment is already obsolete, we take care of everything from collection and diagnosis of functionality to restoration for resale.

The ASSET RECOVERY SERVICES (ARS) we offer include:

  • Review and inventory of assets.
  • Diagnosis and auditing of functionality.
  • Recovery, upgrade and/or personalization to increase market value.
  • Administration of leased equipment for contractor and rental companies.
  • Administration of sale to employees and/or donation to foundations or schools.
  • Inverse logistics with national coverage.


We carry out inverse logistics of your equipment, from any place in Mexico.


Your equipment is received at the plant and separated by batch and type of service.


We separate your technological equipment by type, depending on its characteristics.


Once the equipment is separated into categories, it is temporarily stored by batch depending on the services requested.

Data Security Services

Our services include secure erasure of data, destruction of storage devices and demagnetization.


Converting equipment that has been written off into functional technological assets, increasing value and transforming cost centers into use centers.

Personalization and Quality

All equipment is validated by our quality control department and if necessary the functionality is adapted based on the needs of our clients.


Remanufactured equipment is commercialized through our sales channels and placed in secondary channels.