For the Security of Your Data

Given that protection of the data of any company is of utmost importance since they store confidential, sensitive and/or personal information, PROAMBI offers services for the secure erasure and destruction of this information. To avoid risking the integrity of the confidential information of the company, PROAMBI complies with national and international security norms and standards in carrying out this task.

The DATA SECURITY SERVICES (DSS) we offer include:

  • Inverse logistics and assurance of safekeeping (monitoring and video surveillance along the entire route).
  • Review and inventory.
  • Secure erasure (Data Wiping) of the information on storage devices, done at our plant or at the clients' facilities.
  • Making data inaccessible (Data Degaussing) and physical destruction of hard drives (Data Destruction), done at our plant or at the clients' facilities.
  • Help in complying with IFAI (Federal Institute for Access to Public Information and Data Protection) standards.

Guarantees of Security:

  • Biometric systems providing access only for authorized personnel.
  • Video surveillance system monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Entry and exit checks by security personnel.
  • Confidentiality agreement for visitor to the facilities.
  • Employee files containing report of absence of criminal record and confidentiality agreement.

Secure Erasure of Data

This is a means of eliminating the information contained on any magnetic data storage device. We deliver a report that guarantees our procedure and is accepted in audits as a valid document.

Destruction of Data

Physical destruction of data storage devices through mechanical means.


Process for making data storage devices completely non-functional, destroying the residual magnetic field.