For the Responsible Handling of Technological Waste

According to studies done by the Mexican National Ecology Institute (INECC), more than 300,000 tons of electronic waste is generated each year in Mexico, and only 10% of this is recycled. Close to 40% ends up in landfill, causing serious effects to health and the environment. Furthermore, various regulations and standards have been established for the disposal of electronic equipment in our country. At PROAMBI, we are convinced that it is fundamental that as a society we be aware of the ecological damage that inappropriate disposal of waste that requires special handling causes and that we comply with the existing legal framework.


  • Search and inventory.
  • Classification of equipment.
  • Issuance of Certified Destruction Reports.
  • Certificate of Responsible Recycling.
  • Report on Environmental Impact.
  • Inventory, Diagnosis and Audit Report.
  • Recycling of Materials - Waste Requiring Special Handling. Support for Compliance with Mexican Official Standard: NOM-161-SEMARNAT-2011: Waste that Requires Special Handling, specifically electronic and electrical equipment.


We carry out the inverse logistics of your equipment from any place in Mexico.


At the plant, your computer equipment is received, registered, identified with a barcode, and separated into batches.


Separamos sus equipos tecnológicos por tipo, en función de sus componentes.


Once the equipment is separated into categories, it is temporarily stored while it waits for entry into the disassembly program.


All of the computers are prepared for the recycling of all their components, thus avoiding the sale of parts.

Finished Product

After recovery of the ferrous metals, the non-ferrous metals and the plastics are introduced. They are sold on the commodities market as raw material, thus reducing the emission of pollutants and damage to the environment.