Frequently Asked Questions

What are Asset Recovery Services or ARS?

They are services that PROAMBI offers which allow you to take full advantage of the lifespan of functional computer equipment.

What is Data Security Service or DSS?

It is a service that PROAMBI offers for the elimination of all data contained in electronic equipment (computers, hard drives, servers, laptops, tablets, memory sticks, cell phones, etc.).

What equipment do you recycle?

We recycle computers, cell phones, printers, landline telephones, fax machines, laptops, servers, multifunctional machines, tablets, music players, etc.

What do you do with the material you recycle?

All the e-waste we collect is disassembled; the potentially dangerous material is removed and sent for treatment. The reusable material obtained is sent to various intake centers to be processed. This process is carried out in strict compliance with R2 standards (Responsible Recycling): avoiding the creation of environmental liability, informal commerce, or damage to the environment and encouraging an environmental culture for disposal of e-waste.

What materials don't you recycle?

PROAMBI does not recycle any kind of battery, ballasts or transformers (which contain PCBs), equipment that was in contact with radioactive material, computer equipment or parts that contain traces of antibiotics or that have been in contact with microbiological material, or fluorescent lamps.

What certifications does PROAMBI have?

PROAMBI has the following certifications: ISO:9001, ISO:14001, OHSAS 18001 and R2.

Where is your center of operations?

Our processing and recycling plant covers 5,240 square meters and is found in the Municipality of Lerma, State of Mexico, in the O'Donnell Logistic Center Industrial Park.

How do I know that the equipment I give you will be destroyed and recycled?

Since PROAMBI is a company that is certified under the international R2 standard, we guarantee that the equipment that is handed over for destruction and/or recycling shall be completely destroyed and no parts or components of the equipment will be sold.

How do you erase data from storage devices?

We use a tool for secure and certified erasure (data wiping) of the information.

How do you destroy storage devices?

We use data degaussing that generates a magnetic field resulting in the secure destruction of the storage devices. We also carry out the process of mechanical destruction (physical shredding).

Do you accept non-functional equipment?

Yes, for recycling.

If I have electronic equipment that I no longer use, what should I do with it?

We recommend that you dispose of it appropriately. In order to do so, we suggest you call us at 01-800-112-2227 or write to us at Go to the recycling page.